Zedd Ft. Foxes – Clarity (Tinman Remix) [Electro]

I know, I know…. 2 Clarity remixes in 24 hrs is a little much, but I promise you this one is worth it. Little know DJ, Tinman, puts an exceptionally unique twist on Zedd’s newest smash hit by modulating the chorus and adding in some squeaky sytnhs. This track is addicting, beware!

Also posted below is Tinman’s remix of “All You Need Is Love” by Avicii. I’ve always felt that this track never got the notoriety it deserved and with this remix I can finally rest assure. Tinman hits a home run on this mix, making the track totally his own. Job well done. Listen and download below. Also, be sure to like Tinman on his facebook page HERE.

Author: Jonah

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