Mashup Monday #1

Here is the first ever Monday Mashups post on FMN and it is epic! It also awkwardly comes on a Tuesday but that’s ’cause I’ve been swamped. I chose the picture above cause it was the coolest looking artwork out of these. I’ll let the music speak for itself instead of going on about each one. And yes you read that correctly, Super Mash Bros are back- album on the way.

Super Mash Bros – Holy Guacamole!

3LAU – Set Fire

Basic Physics – Lift Off (Album Preview)

Dotcom – Turn My World On

5 & A Dime – Sh*t Party Girls Dance To

DJ Burnout – Sexy Hooptees

DJ Bahler ft. The Jane Doze – Hey, Breathe Out

Mashup-Germany – Every Teardrop Has a Superbass

Author: FMN Staff

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